ASA Law Enforcement Questionnaire
  1. Please note that the American Sand Association WILL NOT advocate on behalf of your position, but will use this information in our discussions with law enforcement.

    Please complete all of the sections below with information that pertains to your citation or dealings with law enforcement (positive or negative). The more information, the better.
  2. Full Name(*)
    Please type your full name.
  3. Street Address(*)
    Please provide us with your address.
  4. City, State, Zip Code(*)
    Your city, state and zip code are required.
  5. Phone
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    Example: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  6. E-mail(*)
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  7. Date of contact(*)
    Please provide the date that you were contacted by law enforcement.
  8. Time of contact
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  9. Agency Involved(*)
    Indicate what law enforcement agency contacted you
  10. Nature of Contact(*)
    Please provide the reason for law enforcement to contact you
  11. Location of Incident(*)
    Please provide the location where you were contacted by law enforcement
  12. Name of Officer(*)
    Please provide the name of the law enforcement officer who contacted you
  13. Badge #
    Invalid Input
  14. LEO Vehicle License #
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  15. Violation Code #
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  16. Other Info/Comments(*)
    Please provide more information and comments
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