ASA Board of Directors

The BOD is the main governing body of the American Sand Association.


Nicole Gilles, Executive Director

Nicole is a long time resident of the Imperial Valley and the former Chief Executive Officer of the Brawley Chamber of Commerce and the Brawley Economic development Commission. She is currently the President of the United Desert Gateway and a dedicated duner. Gilles’ husband Bob, lived in Glamis for 22 years and helped his father operate the family buggy repair business known as "Dirty Bob’s" that was located at Glamis.


Bryan Henry

Bryan Henry, President

Bryan is a lifelong duner, having his first trip to Dumont Dunes at the ripe old age of three in 1974. A Southern California native, Bryan has lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and recently moved back to Las Vegas, Nevada. Active with the ASA since it’s inception, he has been the California Events Coordinator, Bulletin Board Moderator and Administrator and frequently volunteers to sign up members and sell raffle tickets at events. Bryan has spent the last 23 years in the live event industry, and is currently self-employed. He currently rides a YFZ450 at the dunes and other OHV areas, and has owned a Banshee and a sand rail. He considers the dunes to be his true home, and will continue to work to keep them open for generations to enjoy.


Rick Rothwell

Rick Rothwell, Treasurer

Rick Rothwell was elected to the ASA board late last year and was appointed to the position of Treasurer shortly thereafter. He is currently retired but keeps himself busy working on OHVs. Previously he was employed at Salt River Project and managed large groups with primary responsibilities in Financial Management, Communications, and Organizational Management. Rick has brought improved methods for budgeting, improving communications with the ASA membership and the duning population to the ASA Board. Rick has been involved with off-roading in many forms for most of his life starting in about 1968. His first exposure was trail riding motorcycles and competing in off-road events. Rick’s lifelong passion for off-roading has included many varieties of off-road motor sports including off road racing, sand drags, hill climbs, duning, etc. Rick’s primary interest as a board member is to do whatever he can to help ensure public lands are available for use by current and future generations.


Jim Bramham

Jim Bramham

Jim’s love affair with the dunes started in 1964 in the Oregon dunes on a family vacation. He and his family have continued to enjoy dune recreation at a variety of locations throughout the west, including Oceano, Sand Mountain, Glamis, Dumont, and the Coral Pinks. He became active in the political side of OHV in the 1980’s. He is a Past President of the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, a former Commissioner on the OHMVR Commission overseeing the OHMVR Program and serves on the Dumont and ISDRA (Glamis) Desert Advisory Subgroups. Jim has been a board member of ASA for the last 8 years with an emphasis on legal, legislative, and governmental relations. Jim lives in Sacramento, California and is blessed to have three wonderful grandchildren to whom he has introduced to our sport. “Grandpa, when are we going to the sand dunes?”


Kerry Griggs

Kerry Griggs

Kerry grew up riding three-wheelers (big balloon tires and no suspension) in the mountains and high deserts of Utah. He was introduced to the sand dunes after moving to Arizona in the mid 1990’s. All it took was one visit to Gordon’s Well. By the following season, Kerry’s family was geared up and ready to go. They make several trips to the ISDRA every season.

Kerry and his wife spend most of the time in their buggy, with their children following on quads and motorcycles. Riding solo up Patton or Test Hill is an important part of growing up in the Griggs family. They also enjoy yearly trips to the Sand Sports Super Show. Kerry has been practicing law in Phoenix since 1995. He became acquainted with the ASA by doing some volunteer legal projects for the organization. Through these efforts, he quickly came to embrace the ASA’s vision and mission, which he hopes to advance through his service on the Board.


Bob Ham

Bob Ham

Bob Ham was elected to the ASA board in May and appointed to the position of Legislative Affairs Director for the ASA in June. Bob worked professionally with legislation in California and the US Congress for 35 years. This included 6 years as a consultant for policy committees in the CA Assembly and 2 years with the state senate. He will use the insight he gained during his professional work with policy makers to assist in advancing the public policy goals of the ASA and off road recreation community. Bob was bitten by “offroaditis” in the mid-60’s and has been working to preserve the rights to use the desert and open lands ever since. In 2006, Bob was honored to be inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. We are honored to have Bob Ham serve on the ASA Board of Directors.


Gary Jordan

Gary Jordan

In 1982 I opened Paul Bunyan’s Firewood to supply restaurants with wood for cooking and to residents for fireplaces and camping. I also do commercial real estate and development. I was introduced to the dunes in 2001. My friends are duners with sand cars and quads, and I didn’t have either. They told me about a sand car that a friend had built which took him over two years to build. I bought the sand car, a toy hauler, a golf cart, and a new pick-up to pull all my new toys and had never been to the dunes. Needless to say, one trip to the dunes and I was hooked ($$$ GOOD THING).

At my firewood yard I talk to numerous people going to the dunes some old time duners and some brand new. Most of them are clueless on the legal battle with the dunes.

In 2005 I was voted to the ASA Board of Directors. I am the Director of Events and Awards, including the JRS Award, and special assignments. I also help with the raffle car transportation and scheduling with the endowment committee.


Lloyd Misner

Lloyd Misner

Misner’s wife Lisa introduced him to off-roading and Glamis in 1999 and he has been hooked ever since. Her family has been duning since the early 1970’s and Lisa is one of the few people that he knows who has duned in what is now the Wilderness Area north of Hwy 78. The Misner’s run around in old style Corvair powered sand rails.

Misner has been involved with the ASA in some capacity since 2002 including two terms on the Board of Directors ending in 2006 and 2014. He decided to return once again, because he feels he is now in a position to contribute once again to the success of the organization.

Misner is also a past president of the Orange County ATV Association and current Chair of the ASA Poker Run. He has spent most of his working life as an engineer in the aerospace field.


Scott Shaffstall

Scott Shaffstall

Since his first ride in Glamis at the age of 8 on an old ATC he still keeps in his garage, Scott has been hooked on sand. He is a third-generation duner who rides two, three and four wheelers in the dunes and deserts throughout the Southwest.

Working in the powersports industry since he was 18, Scott is passionate about keeping our riding areas open for future generations. He previously worked in national media communications for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and managed regional rider training for the ATV Safety Institute before becoming national PR account manager for Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA. Scott is the co-founder of Wash-15 Offroad, which manufacturers whip mounts for ATVS, dirt bikes and 4x4s, and now serves as CEO of Gen Now Agency, a digital marketing and PR firm in Orange County that specializes in powersports, automotive and technology. He is driven by a desire to grow the ASA by rallying young riders to join the cause of keeping OHV areas accessible to all.

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