ASA Orlando Presentation

International 4-Wheel Powersports Vehicle Safety Conference
Friday, October 18, 2013
Orlando, FL

The following list includes the speaker’s notes and selected safety and stewardship brochures noted during the presentation. Many of the brochures have limited availability. ASA would welcome support to reprint the material. Click on the Bold Italicized title to learn about the Safety and Stewardship programs.

Join ASA Tri-fold membership brochure briefly describes and encourages membership by individuals, and business sponsors.
Partners in Action September 2013 version summarizes current year’s activities and 14 prior years of Dune Safety and Stewardship outreach activity.
In the Dunes ASA September 2013 Newsletter features Safety and Stewardship activity.
Checkered Flag All dune vehicles must have a whip and a red safety flag. The added “Checkered Flag” denotes the duner’s commitment to Safety and Stewardship.
Duner’s Survival Kit A trade show bag used to distribute Safety and Stewardship material at the dunes and elsewhere.
Time Out for Safety A DVD is a “Users Guide to Safe Duning.” A major “Partnership” undertaking by ASA, several agencies and Business Sponsors.
Tread Lightly “Guide to Responsible Motorized Vehicle Use in the Sand Dunes” and “Dune Tips for Kids” currently available via the TL! Web Site.
Take it Outside A set of 21 activity cards include info to educate children and families. Prepared by BLM and UDG.
Dune Smart A 23-page brochure featuring the “Catch the Safety Bug” theme. Conceived by ASA and funded by several sponsors including Budweiser and Weekend Warrior Trailers. Content created by duner and volunteer Lee Erickson.
Frisbee Program The BLM in partnership with UDG created and distributed thousands of brightly colored Frisbees sporting a variety of safety messages. Distributed by BLM Rangers at the dunes.
Dune Guard Conceived by BLM and funded by grants secured by ADF and UDG. Young riders observed doing the “Right Thing” receive a “Dune Guard” shirt.
Signage The Partners designed and installed 60 unique informational signs throughout the dunes.
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