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Message from Jim Bramham "Dumont TRT"

Post by Larry Jowdy » Sat Mar 10, 2007 7:19 pm

In response to various questions regarding the recent Dumont TRT meeting:

Yes I did wear an ASA shirt at the Dumont TRT meeting and yes when we did
introductions I identified myself as being with ASA. I am proud of the
organization and its accomplishments. My position on the TRT is not that of
an ASA representative, rather because of my long history in OHV
organizations and OHV management issues. In hindsight I could see how some
of the visitors could have taken it as if I “represented” ASA. I thought
all of the visitors were there with either Friends of Dumont or Duners
making a full explanation of my role unnecessary. I am always pleased to
see visitors at the TRT meetings and I want to thank them for taking the
effort to be part of the process.

My comment about raising fees at ISDRA was a tongue in cheek retort in
response to a statement that if the fees were too high at Dumont that folks
would flee to Glamis. At no time was there a reference to this being a new
policy, the ASA’s official position, an item on the ISDRA TRT agenda or a
recommendation by or to the BLM. I have said in public many times that I do
think that at some point the ISDRA will reevaluate fees . I am not
personally advocating this or has ASA or the ISDRA TRT taken an official
action on this subject. The BLM has stated that there will be no fee
increase in FY 2007/2008 at the ISDRA.

The Barstow BLM presented, well before the TRT meeting, ample data to
justify their costs and the requirements to have the fees reflect “cost
recovery” as mandated by Congress. No vote was taken because the Chairman of
the Dumont Dunes TRT found the consensus in the room from both TRT members and guests
alike for the proposed new fee structure. There is no blame here for anyone
or organization. The realities of Public Land management and funding sources
have changed dramatically in the last few years.

I do regret any misunderstandings about my actions and comments. Further I
regret the fact this has wasted bandwidth and precious time that a simple
phone call or email could have avoided.

Now, let’s go play in the sand, work hard to preserve our sport, and support
the OHV organizations of our choice.

Jim Bramham

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