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    The American Sand Association's mission is to Unite, Inform and Mobilize.


    We believe in responsible, environmentally balanced management for all public lands.


    The ASA cooperates with national, regional and local sand sport associations.

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Throughout the El Centro Field Office management area, we are seeing a tremendous amount of youth riders and want to ensure they and their parents understand the rules for operating OHVs so that they are safe and can meet legal requirements if contacted by law enforcement.  

California Vehicle Code section 38503 states that anyone under 18 operating an ATV shall either: 1) currently be taking a safety course under supervision; 2) are in possession of an ATV safety certificate; or 3) under the supervision of an adult who is in possession of an ATV certificate.  Additionally, those under 14 must always be under the supervision of an adult and must either: 1) possess an ATV safety certificate or; 2) the adult must possess an ATV certificate. 

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What does this mean to you?

Recently the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service released their latest monitoring report of the Peirson’s milk-vetch (PMV). This information was gathered during late winter and spring 2014 and 2015 in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

For those of you who don’t remember the PMV it is the plant that that the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), Sierra Club, and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) used to close 49,310 acres of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in March of 2000.

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The American Sand Association through our consortium with EcoLogic Partners, Inc., submitted a comment letter to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in response to their status review of the Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard (FTHL); all in response to a Petition filed by the Center for Biological Diversity to list the FTHL under the California Endangered Species Act.

EcoLogic Partners, Inc. consists of the American Sand Association, San Diego Off-Road Coalition, the American Motorcyclists Association District 37, and the Off Road Business Association.

A copy of EcoLogic’s comment letter can be found here.

REACH For Life
REACH Air Medical Services & Air Med Care Network membership expands coverage throughout nation

The American Sand Association and REACH Air Medical Services have worked together for over 6 years to make your off-road recreational experience the safest possible. REACH Air Medical brought 24/7/365 critical care coverage to Imperial County in 2008 and has actively participated in improving air medical response to the friends and family of the ASA. The REACH For Life membership was introduced a few years later to offer affordable membership coverage in the event of a medical emergency. REACH For Life guarantees no out-of-pocket expense from the patient if they are transported by a REACH helicopter or airplane. The introductory membership fee was offered at $25/family in 2010. The new fee will increase to $55/family which will include all lives living under the household. The coverage also includes adult children that are away in college. In addition to the inclusive household coverage, your $55 will grant you nationwide coverage that includes 33 States, with over 230 locations. REACH’s coverage in Southern California has expanded exponentially with locations in Imperial, Thermal, Upland, Oceanside, and soon to open in Alpine. In addition to the helicopter coverage in Southern California, REACH has introduced a Southern California critical care airplane for both long distance as well as inclement weather missions. We’ve got you covered on the Dunes and at home!!

About REACH Air Medical Services

REACH Medical Holdings, LLC, headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, provides critical care air and ground transport service to communities throughout California, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Colorado and South Texas. REACH has provided safe, patient-centered care for more than 28 years and has successfully transported more than 100,000 patients to needed care. REACH employs hundreds of highly-trained nurses, medics, pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians, who provide service to patients utilizing a fleet of medically-equipped helicopters, airplanes and ground ambulances. REACH has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS) since 1998. CAMTS is the gold standard for patient care and safety for air medical transport services. For more information, visit www.REACHair.com.

LostFoundDuneLost & Found Dune Dogs page was created last season when we had two dogs show up at camp within 24 hours. Both had tags and we attempted to call both with so success!

One person had put their work number on the tag, so we could not get through to him, and the other person had no cell signal at all! At this point we felt just as helpless as the poor lost dune dogs! We started walking from camp to camp in the dark and luckily we were able to find both fur babies humans!

I started to wonder how many people we could help find their fur babies and how many fur babies help find their humans if we could quickly put the information out. This Facebook page is one of the few resources that can help all duners link together to help families reunite, as well as educate people in how to keep their dogs safe and return home! I believe this page will continue to help duners and their families this season and beyond if used correctly.

CinamonThank you all for your support and a special thanks to the ASA and supporters whom have helped tremendously in getting the word out about this page as well as being supportive! Have a safe, wonderful season!

Here is the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1505515233066126/permalink/1563357730615209/

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